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Sales and Songs Raise Funds

Come to a relief sale or concert this spring to raise funds for MCC! Participate in the work of MCC by listening to songs, bidding on quilts, and listening to stories of how your contributions are changing lives and communities around the world.

Meet Serge from Village Altonodji

Meet Serge, a student at Global Family partner school Village Altonodji in Moundou, Chad. Serge shares a first hand perspective of his school environment and interests.

MCC Café in Reedley, Calif.

The MCC Café, owned and operated by West Coast MCC, supports the work of MCC around the world. Through each purchase, you are helping families around the world improve their lives and build healthy communities. Visit the MCC Café to learn more about the work of MCC worldwide.

Mennonite Quilt Center

The Mennonite Quilt Center, located in Reedley, California, is a fabric store and quilt gallery, but more importantly, it is a community of volunteers working together for world relief.

Syrian children carry heavy load

MCC and its partners are focusing on the needs of Syrian children as they carry the weight of their insecure living situations and emotional trauma with them to school in September.