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Learning Tour: Palestine / Israel

Palestine/Israel Learning Tours

Visit and learn about MCC work and partners in Palestine and Israel. These trips focus on solidarity and mutual transformation through connecting with and learning about another culture and community. We invite you to bring a willingness to be changed, an openness to share your story with others on the tour and the people we visit -- and a desire to carry back the stories you've heard, sharing them in your home community and churches, and letting them continue to shape you.

Join MCC for a learning tour October 20-30, 2013 and learn about the work of MCC and partners in the region to gain first-hand knowledge of the region, rather than hearing only partial truths from outside sources.

To find out more, contact Emily Stednick.

Learning Tour Goals

  • Gain a better understanding of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and current realities “on the ground.”

  • Meet with Palestinian and Israeli organizations that are working for peace and justice.

  • Explore ancient historical sites and walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

  • Consider the role of the church today.

  • Return home with a commitment to engage in education and advocacy regarding justice issues in Palestine and Israel.