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What we do



Provides education and advocacy and serves those seeking legal pathways in immigration issues.



Borderlands Peacebuilding

Works towards peace through building relationships along the Arizona nogales and Mexico nogales regions.



Summer Programs

Provides young people of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds with resources to learn and serve through our GAP (Global Anabaptist Peacebuilders) Institute and Summer Service Opportunities.




International Volunteer Exchange Program that hosts young adults for one year.



Material Resources

Relief sales, thrift shops, and material resource collection provide finances and materials for MCC's work around the world.



Disabilities Ministries

Partnerships that meet the needs of people with disabilities and their families.



Victim Services

Through partnership with the Reedley Police Department, facilitates community services such as VORP (Victim Offender Reconciliation Program).



SOOP Program

Volunteers bring wisdom, experience, and mature skills of older adults to situations of need.



Service and Learning Opportunities

Hundreds of people serve in our relief sales, quilting circles, thrift shops, and other venues.



Human Trafficking Awareness

Education and advocacy with law enforcement and faith-based organizations.