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North Fresno MB and Mennonite Community church quilt groups

North Fresno MB and Mennonite Community church quilt groups

Quilters come together for crafting, fellowship

WCMCC Communications


Quilt groups from North Fresno Mennonite Brethren Church and Mennonite Community Church gathered last weekend at Camp Keola to work, laugh and sing at the second annual “Quilt Camp.” Inspiration was drawn from the beauty surrounding the camp at Huntington Lake, 70 miles northeast of Fresno, California. 
The projects were varied, and included everything from tied comforters, pillowcases, t-shirt quilts, baby quilts, crazy blocks, and knitting. Mennonite Community quilter Deb Janzen enjoyed “the fellowship and the great ideas I got from seeing the variety of projects underway. I'm also excited about the progress we made on so many projects.” The majority of the artwork created is designated for the West Coast Mennonite Relief Sale and Auction, to be held in Fresno on April 1-2, 2011.
“I loved seeing all the new projects, catching up with people from last year, and meeting new people this year,” comments Kim Blomgren, of North Fresno MB. The idea for the camp came from both groups desiring a weekend away to focus on crafts while building relationships in a beautiful setting. “The weekend was a time for deeper conversations and an opportunity to bridge relationships between churches that wouldn't typically relate.  I spent a lot of time laughing!” affirms Lynette Ratzlaff of Mennonite Community.
Quilters are already planning dates for the 2011 Quilt Camp, with hopes of extending the weekend and having more people involved.
Until next year, happy crafting!